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“The best laser hair removal experience I’ve ever had! Professional, gentle and effective.”


"Remember how you've been shaving your armpits for at least once a week since you were in your teens? And remember when you forgot that one time to shave your pits and you go to put a sleeveless top on in a rush one morning and then you either have to go all day not lifting your arms above your head or you are forced to shave your armpits in the sink? Remember saving shaving until the VERY LAST MINUTE for a special occasion because you don't want stubble? Remember dull razors and razor burn? Remember hairy armpits? 



I don't. I barely remember all those horrible memories because I haven't shaved my armpits all summer! I had 4 weddings, camping trips and countless events and parties this summer and I didn't have to worry about shaving my armpits ONCE thanks to getting laser hair removal from Vancouver Island Laser Hair Removal!



Don't worry, it doesn't hurt, not even one little bit. Maria was gentle and knowledgeable, she made me feel very comfortable during the entire experience. It was affordable but they also have payment plans available for the bigger jobs. I recommend VI Laser to literally everyone! Shaving is the worst and once you stop doing it, you realize just how much time and effort it took before. If you are even having thoughts about doing this, JUST DO IT! Not having to worry about shaving has been the best gift I've ever given myself! You will only regret waiting so long!"


"Hi, my name is Lou. I’m 67 years old and have always been bothered by facial hair, mostly on my chin and upper lip. I can’t believe that I waited all this time and didn’t do anything about it. I couldn’t be happier with the results I got from the laser treatments done by Maria. No more creams!!




A very happy client"


"I’ve seen Maria for 4 laser hair removal treatments over the past 8 months. Even though services for men are advertised on the website it was intimating at first to call for an appointment but I was at complete ease once I met Maria.  




She is the ultimate professional – conscientious and meticulous about her work as well as thoughtful and courteous. Maria never rushed and, throughout the treatment sessions, frequently checked in with me to ensure I was comfortable. I also found Maria to be flexible and accommodating. Before finishing each session she would always ask if there were any additional areas I wanted treated and also made sure that I was aware of after-treatment care. 




As for the laser machine itself, it is fast and I felt no discomfort or pain. I am extremely pleased with the results, having already achieved significant hair reduction. I’m so pleased and highly recommend Maria’s services for those wanting similar results."

Barb B

"Two years ago I had the pleasure of visiting V.I. Laser Hair Removal for the first time.  I was interested in permanent make-up and at the initial appointment the procedure was explained in detail and I was asked if I had any questions.  After each treatment, they would ask if I was happy with the results and if I had any new questions. There were several weeks healing time in between appointments.  The final look was much more than I had hoped for! My experience was so positive, that when I considered having laser hair removal, I had no hesitation in booking an appointment with Maria.  Once again, everything was discussed in detail in a very professional manner.  During the treatments, Maria was always concerned with my comfort level.  She would also talk about the progress following each session. As before,  the final result was incredible.The work ethic at V.I. Laser Hair Removal and at Labyrinth Tattoo is based on making the client happy.  What a wonderful concept!"

Joy Lockhart

"I was somewhat afraid of laser hair removal after hearing from a niece about the pain she experienced in Calgary. However, when I saw an ad for discounts at V.I. Laser Hair Removal I decided to give it try. Maria described what I would be experiencing and told me she would only increase the laser action if I was comfortable and confident. She explained how her laser works and it did work just as she described. It was virtually painless and gave me great results over a period of 6 treatments. The coolness that comes when Maria activates the laser immediately will put one at ease. I would recommend VI Laser Hair Removal to anyone who would like to be rid of unwanted hair. It works and Maria is a delight. "


"Maria is the consummate professional. She is interested in her client, ensuring their comfort and trust. A minimally uncomfortable procedure is over before you know it, and satisfactory results are assured.  Thanks Maria!  I'll always recommend V.I. Laser Hair Removal!"



"After being frustrated for many years with ingrown hairs and razor burn after shaving, I decided to try out laser hair removal. After phoning around and going for a few consultations I chose the V.I. Laser Hair Removal Clinic because of all the helpful information I was given. During the treatments I was greeted with an attentive and professional atmosphere. I decided to only have hair removed from my neck so that I would if I wanted grow facial hair later on I could, in saying that the technician did a great job cleaning off my unwanted neck hair and paying attention to what hair I wanted to keep. I would recommend this for any men out there – it’s made my shaving life so much better!"


"Getting ready for holidays or summer clothing was always a hassle and expensive!  Having laser hair removal was one of my best ideas ever!  Maria is professional, warm and caring.  She puts 100% of herself into making treatments comfortable and effective for the client.  I love not having to spend time shaving or waxing, buying depilatory creams, and packing unnecessary hair removal products when I go on vacation.  Hair removal is one less thing I have to worry about in my life!"


"I am absolutely thrilled with my laser treatments. After many, many hours of waxing over the years and thousands of dollars spent on this waxing, I am happy to be rid of most of it. The finished product is more than I expected. For me, I required at least 8 treatments. Now I actually forget that I might need to shave the few light hairs.As much as I am pleased with the results, I am very pleased with the service given by Maria. She gave excellent care and paid attention to even the fine details of laser treatments. I would highly recommend this treatment and this professional esthetician."


"All my life I had been too embarrassed to wear a bathing suit. I tried waxing but it was so painful and sometimes I would leave bruised. What a blessing to discover Maria at V.I. Laser Hair Removal Clinic. The laser procedure is virtually painless and the hair is almost completely gone. I am no longer embarrassed wearing a bathing suit and look forward to summer months."


"I used the laser service at V.I. Laser Hair Removal Clinic and am completely satisfied with the service and the staff. 


The clinic environment is both very clean and professional, I always felt safe during each treatment and well taken care of. I loved the décor, especially the washroom – it’s decorated beautifully!


Maria is a very kind and experienced laser technician, who made me feel very comfortable and informed. The staff made sure my needs and expectations as a client were being met at all times.

The staff at the clinic takes the time to educate their clients so that they know exactly what to expect during each treatment.


The price is reasonable and the front desk staff were also very professional and helpful at all times, calling before to remind me of my session and after treatments to make sure everything had gone OK. If you are lucky you might even get chocolate and water.


All around amazing service. I have researched other clinics and their prices were much higher. I strongly recommend V.I. Laser Hair Removal Clinic’s services for your laser and skin care needs. Guaranteed you will become a customer for life!"


"I would like to say a huge thank you to Maria and the staff at V.I. Laser Hair Removal for making my experience there so wonderful! The level of professionalism really impressed me, and I always felt like they were happy to see me. Maria really put me at ease about getting the laser hair removal treatments, as I was a bit nervous at first! The results were amazing! I no longer have the unwanted hair at the nape of my neck and can rock a pony-tail without feeling self-conscious! It worked so well, I ended-up booking to get my underarms done as well! Maria is extremely patient, professional, and personable -- her attention to detail and care for my comfort level were so fantastic. I would recommend her for your laser hair removal treatment in a heartbeat! Thanks again!! :D"


"I have been a customer of Labyrinth Tattoo and V.I. Laser Hair Removal for years. They have a stellar reputation in the community and yet I hesitated to have anything permanent, like tattoo or laser treatments, due the potential for unsatisfactory results. After several years during which I have been a repeat customer, I trust no one else. Their high standards of practice are evident in their work, their clean techniques and expertise. But it is their conscientiousness that has earned both my trust and my confidence. I have trusted them with members of my own family and would recommend them to anyone who wants honesty, integrity and kind, caring people."


"With only a few treatments with Maria at V.I. Laser Hair Removal Clinic I have been able to rid my skin of unwanted hair. The treatments are quick with minimal pain . The. Clinic is spotless and Maria is very knowledgeable and professional ."


"I learned about V.I. Laser Hair Removal Clinic during some tattoo sessions at their office. After a consultation appointment, I was sure this was the place for my hair removal. I have been extremely pleased with my experience, Maria and everyone in the office always take great care of me. The atmosphere is very relaxed yet professional and I always enjoy my visits."

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